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Meizu announces the official launch date of its Flyme 8 cape

Flyme 8 by Meizu

Just as Huawei has its EMUI customization layer for Android, Meizu owns Flyme, its own interface that overlaps the Google operating system on its smartphones. This will soon be receiving a great update, as well as the first mentioned has been moving from EMUI 9 to version 10 in a recent development.

Flyme has been implemented in the company's phones in version 7. Some other old devices of the brand have made use of versions much older than these. Now Flyme 8 is coming, which would bring many new features, which include new functions and features, and we already know when we will be meeting, well Meizu has announced its official release date, data that we reveal below.

Flyme 8 was expected to arrive sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, a period that is comprised of the months of October, November and December. That is why the fact that Meizu has announced that this layer will be presented in a few days has fallen as a surprise … When will it be presented? Well, specifically, The date set by the company is August 13, which, today, is only three days away.

Meizu Flyme 8 layer launch announcement

According to some reports that leaked in the past, the company had begun internal testing of the next Meizu Flyme 8 user interface in the second quarter of this year and the test phase will conclude in the third quarter.

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It seems that the tests have been completed successfully and, therefore, the manufacturer is ready to make it official on August 13. But nevertheless, would be starting to be implemented in various terminals of its catalog later, so we would be before the first mobile with Flyme 8 in a matter of several weeks or even a few months.

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