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Learn how to activate the function of reading the Google Assistant screen

Google Assistant

This function so that Google Assistant can read your screen and thus suggest content when you activate it from any screen, it can be the cane, although it also has its negative connotations due to the fact that it can be quite ?intrusive? if we forget that we have it active.

That is, you are giving permission for Google Assistant to ?take? all the text on the screen to give you information about what's on the screen. At first it may be the most, but the day we forget that it has this function and we are giving way to sensitive or private information, you will be reading everything to store it on your servers.

His virtues

Give Google Assistant this ability for many moments It can be highly rewarding for how well it works when reading what we have on the screen. Likewise on WhatsApp, if a colleague tells us that they have released a new superhero movie, when using the Google Assistant and asking him ?who is the director?, he will quickly tell us the name, distribution and other information that can come to us from pearls .

Google Assistant

The same goes for a restaurant. Our couple tells us that they have invited us to a restaurant downtown and tells us the name. We ask Google Assistant for the score that you have in Google My Businness, and will give us the pertinent information, its location, average score and others.

That is, it really saves us from copying all the information we have on screen to so know about a new movie, a song, the result of the matches football or any other information that comes to mind.

His controversies

The worst problem is that if at some point we gave permission to Google Assistant so that I could read the screen (the typical of these novelties that we all say yes), we have forgotten, it has been a few weeks and we do not give ourselves realize that it is active. That is, we talk about the Google Assistant can read the screen, but He won't let you know what he does when he isn't asked Not for that.


Here it starts the privacy issue and why last year the new European data protection law or GDPR was created. We should ask ourselves some questions like, is Google Assistant always checking my screen text every time I open it while I'm in a third-party app? Or are you really waiting for our help with some of the focused commands?

That is, if we say ?Ok, Google,? ?What's on my screen? He will answer us. But, and we do have an app focused on privacy, Will you read everything on the screen when we are with that app? Then we can go to and check that there is not an online copy of everything you have searched for on the screen. That is, he supposedly makes a local copy of those moments when he "reads" our screen. "

The best thing would be for Google I went to the fore to say what he does with all that data and so we would remain calm. Well let's show you how to activate or deactivate the function of reading the screen.

How to activate the function of reading the Google Assistant screen

There is several ways to get to that screen. We go with one:

  • We open the Google app.
  • We go to the Settings.