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Key social media strategies for every brand

Key social media strategies for every brand

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According to information shared by the Global Web Index, 54 percent of those who browse social networks use these platforms to research products. With this data in mind, it is appropriate for brands to make sufficient efforts to be discovered by these people. It is for this reason that the relevant actions must be taken to achieve this. Here are some social media strategies that can be of great help.

According to information shared by Sprout Social, these are the 5 most viable strategies in social networks that all brands should implement to improve their results:

1. Cover the basic aspects

The first of these social media strategies refers to the fact that every brand or company with a presence in these spaces must ensure that it has a consistent logo, a well-defined color palette, an established biograph, a boilerpalete and a username.

Within all these points, one that usually changes, despite the theme of consistency, is the logo, this can be adapted depending on the space that is available in each of the social networks, for example, on Instagram the size of the Profile picture is very small, so many brands usually choose different versions of the logo to adapt to the space. The logo can also change to refer to the interest of specific audiences. However, whatever the way of working with this and the other aspects, it is important to ensure that the profiles have a common thread that people can recognize so that they know that it is the brand.

Entering specific actions, Sprout Social points out that it is advisable to audit the different social media accounts that you have. Then, make sure that logos, banners or covers, biographies, publication rates and usernames are consistent with the brand guidelines. Finally, make sure you publish at a certain time and that the content is aligned with the look & feel of the branding that has been established.

With this under way, it can be said that the intermediate strategies that we will see here can now be advanced.

2. Extend visual branding

Speaking of branding, the second of social media strategies is to extend it from the visual section. Starting from the idea that with the above, there is already a brand consistency in the different platforms, it is time to improve everything even more.

This means that you have to ensure that you have the same colors and fonts reflected in the images, graphics and videos. Consider whether the filter or color is immediately apparent in these elements regardless of the channel where they are located, either the Instagram profile of the brand or the image that accompanies a blog post of the company or brand.

According to the source, ensure these points help, over time, consumers see the consistency in the publications and begin to recognize when a post belongs to your brand even when it does not have the logo of the same or is within One of the channels. Achieving this is one of the goals that must be met with branding efforts.

Among the specific actions to be performed is writing the visual guide of the brand to include fonts, their uses and colors to be used. You should also create graphic templates for different types of ads, for example, a template to announce new products. Finally, you must create photos and videos that maintain the aesthetics and colors of the brand.