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Instagram stops working for many users

Instagram, the social network of the moment, is suffering one each for many users, while for others it works with total normality, although perhaps with some delay.

The social photography network has stopped working in some countries Europe and on the East and West coasts of the United States, among others. What is most flawed at the moment is the loading or updating of the feed, both in mobile applications and in the web version, as well as the visualization of content as videos. There is also a bit of delay in sending and receiving private messages.

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As we say, it is not a generalized one, but it affects users interchangeably, even if we are within the focus of each one.

The situation suffered by Instagram has reached another social network, and it has been Twitter that has echoed each. In these cases it is always the source that hundreds of people consult to confirm if Instagram has fallen or is only a particular fault.

Image - Instagram stops working for many users

On Twitter you can see several tweets asking if Instagram has fallen or is only a timely failure. Be that as it may, the social photography app is being attended by its engineers to recover the normal state and get out of the bump.

Remember that Instagram has already fallen numerous times in this 2019In fact, it was almost a whole day, along with Facebook and WhatsApp, in various areas of the globe. What's more, the normal thing is that when one of the Facebook services suffers a severe one, it is a matter of time before the rest of the services are resentful and end up falling too.

As we said at the beginning of this article, Spain is among the areas most affected by the every time Instagram is suffering right now. It is expected that the situation will be restored quickly and Instagram will return to normal, allowing users to refresh the feed, watch videos, upload content, watch Stories, send messages, etc.

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