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HP Elite Dragonfly: the first laptop made with plastics from the ocean

HP Elite Dragonfly

In full tent of the Circus of the Sun, where the Canadian company brings the show Kooza to Madrid, HP launches in Spain the 2-in-1 Elite Dragonfly convertible team with which it hopes to conquer the hearts of those who seek a laptop Light to travel and, at the same time, robust and with an attractive and sustainable design: it is the first portable in the world made of plastics recovered from the bottom of the ocean (specifically it has reused this material in some components of the interior). We are already accustomed to garbage taken from the sea becoming clothes, but not computers. It is best for HP to continue on this line and include this recycled plastic waste in all new HP Elite and HP Pro laptop and notebook computers that will be launched in 2020.

Premium appearance in blue that attracts looks

HP Elite Dragonfly

As we have seen in the presentation, the portable presumes design premium. With that marine origin, no color better than blue, very rarely seen in a laptop, although its appearance is not as elegant as the HP Specter Folio dressed in leather that we fell in love with at first sight. The blue shell is a magnesium alloy for durability.

When you open it, the aesthetic is also very careful with the absence of bezels, which maximizes the use of the screen (the ratio is 86 percent). For the most demanding, it is optionally possible to have a screen with 1000 nits. The keyboard is backlit and very quiet.

A weight and size for travelers



one from 3

HP Elite Dragonfly, 13.3 inches, weighs less than a kilo (in some configurations), so you can take it everywhere without your back suffering, even if this means giving up a larger screen. If you want a larger and also lightweight notebook, you may fit the 17-inch LG Gram model more, although it also weighs more (1,340 kilos), or perhaps others from our list of better laptops light

Tools for digital well-being

If the design and weight of the dragonfly They convince you, wait to know the autonomy of the battery: up to 24.5 hours nothing less, but if you do not need so much, you can choose a version that offers up to 16.5 hours, which also gives for long workdays and then continue using the equipment at home or to entertain yourself on the plane back from a business trip.

In case you want to disconnect from work, HP Elite Dragonfly is also the world's first professional convertible with preinstalled personal wellness software (HP WorkWell), as the company explained. With this tool you want to instill good digital habits in the user: he recommends you when taking breaks and gives you tips to increase productivity in a personalized way.

HP Elite Dragonfly

Oriented to professional users, the laptop It brings the latest technologies to work safely (HP Sure Sense and optional HP Sure Recove), in addition to a privacy filter, perfect so that the one in the next seat doesn't know what you are working on, and a physical cover for the integrated camera. There is also a lack of Wifi 6 connectivity and the optional possibility of 4G LTE5 Gigabit, and the necessary connections to connect other devices (two USB-C ports, one USB-A, an HDMI and headphone jack).

As one of the laptops Included in the Intel Athena Project, this model incorporates the latest generation of Intel processors and it is possible to choose between different configurations. Depending on this configuration, this is the price that starts at 1,499 euros (without VAT). HP Elite Dragonfly arrive at Spanish stores in mid-November.

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