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How to win in the Hot Point mode of Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile hot spot team

As well as the Game of Weapons mode, Hot Spot is also one of the most complicated found in matched games. In this case, the players will have the mission of defend and stay in specific areas that will change zone during the game.

Seizing the area is easy, but staying there to get points for the team is complicated. Each time a team tries to defend, the other attacks incessantly to recover the area. For that reason, today we will show you how to achieve victory in this way, you just have to keep in mind the following tips.

Choose assault weapons

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Snipers can be excellent weapons, but not in this way, as it involves moving quickly and clearing areas at close range. So the most recommended is that you use assault weapons with which you can defend yourself when you are close to the enemy. In this way, you collaborate much more with the team and possibly manage to keep the hot spot.

Teamwork is important

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Teamwork is important because players must support each other in order to keep the hot spot. Well single player is not able to face a complete team of enemies while staying in the specific area. Therefore, we must always try to be with the teammates and attack together, it makes things much easier, and it will make the difference between losing or winning the game.

Forget chasing enemies

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Many players get confused, this game mode It is not for those who want to get many casualties. As we mentioned earlier, it is a team work, what gives you the victory is to defend the hot spot longer than your enemies.

If you only focus on eliminating enemies, and not on the hot spot, then you will be wasting the time you need to invest in keeping the area with your classmates.

Use the grenades to eliminate many enemies

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There is something you should keep in mind and sure to help you several times. When the hot spot is retaken by the opposing team, it means that in that place many enemies will be found defending the area. This makes it difficult to attack head on, so a good idea is use fragmentation grenades and grenades to cause blindness.

Thus it is almost certain that you will eliminate most of the enemies that are in the hot spot and you will be able to retake the place with your team. Don't forget that in the Battle Royale it is also a good idea to make use of these elements, in addition to the 5 best weapons.

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