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How to set up Android if you have vision problems

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Android smartphones are used by all types of people. Therefore, it is important to configure their use according to the person who uses it. So if it is used by an older person, it is necessary to carry out a series of adjustments, which allow a better use for these people. The same thing happens if whoever is going to use the phone has vision problems.

Many people have some kind of problem with their vision.. But, they have to be able to use a smartphone at all times, normally. Therefore, in the case of Android, there are a number of adjustments that we can carry out. In this way, the use of the phone is easier for this person.

Font size

Change Android font size

One of the first aspects that we can configure, which is certainly essential for these people, is the font size. In an Android phone we have the possibility to adjust the font size, as we have already shown you. In this way, we can make the size of the letters much larger. What will allow this person to read everything on the screen in a much more comfortable way.

Normally, an Android phone has different font sizes to choose from. So each user can determine which one is the most comfortable for them in that case, to make a much easier use for each one. This is done in the phone settings, in the screen section, there is the font size section. They are very simple steps in this regard.

High contrast text

High contrast text

ANDThis function allows the text to be easier to read, without changing its size. Therefore, if the wallpaper is not ideal in any case, as in some web pages or applications, this function changes this. So that it will be easier to read the text, because the visibility in it is increased. It can be very useful for many users on Android. In addition, it is a function that comes in the phone.

In order to use this type of text, we have to enter the settings of our Android smartphone. Next, you must access the accessibility section. Within it, among the options shown on the screen, there is a section called high contrast text. We just have to activate this function.

In this way, texts will be highlighted when we use a website. What will allow people who have eyestrain at some time, or have difficulty seeing the lyrics, it is much simpler to read texts on the screen of their Android phone.

Expand text

Gestures expand

A feature that is available on many Android smartphones. Thanks to it, it is possible to enlarge the text on the screen. It allows us to expand the text by making several touches on the screen very simply. What it achieves is that the text becomes larger, and closer, which for many people allows it to be read more comfortably.

In addition, when the text has been expanded, we can make it read better on the screen, and we can move through it by sliding. It is a simple option, that we can configure within the accessibility menu in Android settings. Although not all phones may have this function.