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How to remove access to Siri on the touch bar in the new MacBook

Not everyone who has a computer Apple MacBook they use the voice assistant Siri, so the shortcut that exists in the touch bar that is included in the laptops does not make much sense to exist. If this is your case and you want it to disappear from this place to avoid bad pulsations and gain space, we show you how to get it in a fairly simple way.

The truth is that the voice assistant does not offer a lot of options in the equipment of the Mountain View company since, for example, today it is not able to open an application installed directly, so the use has not hooked many users till the date. The fact is that the shortcut of the tool we are talking about is possible to eliminate it since Apple has thought about it and, unlike in other sections of the macOS operating system, it offers a configuration and touch bar management quite wide.

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Therefore, it is not necessary or install an additional application on the MacBook computer to be able to achieve the objective that we indicate (or perform a complicated configuration in the operating system). Even as it is logical to think, if at any given time you want Siri to be back, getting it is as simple as removing the shortcut.

Apple Siri

Remove Siri from the touch bar of the new Apple MacBook

Ideally, and it sure fits with what most users are looking for, it is to eliminate the direct access to Siri, but keep the touch bar (Control Strip). This is quite easy to achieve and, the truth is that in just two or three minutes you will have achieved the goal. Open the keyboard preferences on your computer and, when the corresponding window appears, select the option Customize Control Strip. You will be directly in a personalization section of the touch bar.

Find the item that represents Apple's voice assistant and then drag it out of the bar What do you see on the screen? A message appears in which you can read that you are going to delete this element and you simply have to continue with the action. With this you no longer see the shortcut in the touch space integrated in the notebook you use.

Disable the touch bar, another option to remove Siri

This is a much more aggressive option and that in addition to eliminating direct access to the voice assistant in the touch bar on the laptop, this is completely turned off and therefore its appearance is much more traditional. Achieving this is the easiest, since you simply have to go to the System Preferences and, in the keyboard section, there is an element called Show Control Strip. Deselect it and, voila, this option will no longer be accessible on the Apple computer you have.

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