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How to disable automatic playback of Telegram videos

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<p>A couple of weeks ago the most recent update of Telegram was launched, with several new features. One of the changes that came in it <strong>is the automatic playback of videos in the app</strong>. So if a person sends you a video in the application, that video starts playing automatically in the chat. Although users who do not want this function, can disable it easily.</p>
<p>Therefore, the steps to follow in this regard are shown below. For those users who <strong>do not want to use this automatic video playback</strong> in your Telegram account.<em> What do we have to do to get it?</em></p><div class=

The first thing we have to do is open Telegram settings. To do this, click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left of the screen. Then, a side menu will open with several options. One of the options in this menu is the settings, on which we have to press.


When we are within the app settings, we have to go to the data and storage section. The options within this specific section will then open. You will see that one of the sections is what is called multimedia self-production, the third of them.

In it there are two options, one of them is GIF and the other video. Next to them is a switch, which normally comes on. So if you don’t want Telegram to play these videos automatically, we just have to turn off that switch. You just have to do this.

With these steps we have Disabled this automatic playback of videos on Telegram. Something that insurance is more comfortable for many users, in addition to being able to reduce the data consumption of the application on Android in this way. It is a simple process, as you have seen. If at any time you want to change, it is possible by following the same steps.

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