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How to disable automatic download of files in Telegram


Since after the update of the application, we have more possibilities. Therefore, if we want, we can disable the automatic download of videos in the application. But we also have a total of three levels of data usage. So we can select any of these levels if we want in it. The levels that have been introduced in it are the following:

  • Low level: Automatic download is enabled only in photos
  • Means, medium: Automatic download is activated on photos and videos up to 10 MB in weight and files up to 1 MB in weight
  • High level: Automatic download is activated on photos and videos up to 15 MB in weight and files up to 3 MB in weight

So, we can choose between these different levels in the application Courier The choice is something that we can adjust at all times in it, allowing a much more personalized use of the app. So it is easy to choose the one that will be more comfortable for you. But whenever you want it will be possible to change it for another. You will not have problems in this regard. How can we configure this Telegram function on the phone? The steps we show below are very simple.

Disable automatic download of videos on Telegram

Telegram downloads

The reality is that the steps we have to follow in this regard are very simple. We do it in the settings of the application itself without too many problems. Therefore, we have to open Telegram and then click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left of the screen. This opens a side menu in it, where we have a number of options available.

We have to click on the settings. The Telegram settings will then open on the screen, where we have several sections. The one that interests us in this case is that of Data and storage, in which we have to enter. Next, we have to look for the automatic multimedia download section. This is where we can configure everything to our liking. There we have these three levels in a line, where we can choose the one we want to use.

Although in addition, below this line we see that there are a number of options. Telegram allows us to choose the type of multimedia. Therefore, if we want the photos to be automatically downloaded, but not videos, we can turn off or on the switch of the file in question, it is very easy to do. So we have to configure what we want and consider more appropriate for us. We can also deactivate it for all cases, if we want a maximum saving in the cost in the messaging application.

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