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How to create GIFs on Mac with ease

GIFs have become very popular lately. The reason for their popularity is that they are smaller than videos, but they convey much more information than an aesthetic image. With a maximum duration of 3.5 seconds, a GIF is an infinite loop animation that stores multiple animation frames. You can easily obtain GIFs from the various popular websites online, but creating your own GIF and viewing it as a trend on the Internet is much more satisfying than downloading it. If you have a Mac, there are simple methods you can use to create GIFs on it. So, if there was a moment in your life where you were asking how to create GIFs in macOS, this is how you do it:

Create GIFs on Mac using third-party applications

While some of you may think you need exceptional Photoshop skills to create those magical GIFs. It is literally not that difficult. There are some great applications available on the Mac App Store that make it easy to create a GIF on your Mac. So let's see the best of them, okay?

GIF Brewery 3

This is an excellent application, as it allows you to create a GIF from anything, be it videos on your laptop or on the Internet.

1. To start creating a GIF, first download and install the application from the Mac App Store. Once the application is installed, run it. When the application starts, see what it offers several ways to create a GIF . You can create a GIF by importing a video or a link, recording your screen and recording from the built-in camera.

2. Most of us create the GIF importing a video or link, so let's do it. Click on the open video link and import an existing video on your Mac.

4. On the timeline, set start and end timers in the required time that contains the GIF material.

5. Click on the text field to add any text If you wish. Can also crop or resize video If you want or you can add stickers. Everything is available in the top toolbar. When finished, click create and then save your GIF.

The same process will be repeated for other methods as well. Click on the method with which you want to create GIF and follow the same process.