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How to continue consuming your streaming content when traveling

One of the hndicaps that can be had when traveling is not maintaining good quality when consuming streaming content of the different platforms on which you have an active account. Thanks to a few tips that we are going to indicate, it is possible to reverse this situation and, therefore, continue enjoying series and music wherever you go.

The conditions that are usually used to be able to consume streaming content in other countries are not always optimal, since it has to be used for devices that have a limited autonomy or, for reasons of location, access may not be available. to the appropriate database (even, that there is a blockage in access, such as in China). The case is that everything this can be overcome and, therefore, that you get bored as little as possible when traveling.

Use of music in stremaing

Tips to enjoy streaming when traveling

Options offered by its cloud-based services are many, but two of the most obvious are Netflix or Spotify, where if you do not have access to the Internet and everything perfectly configured or you do not take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the platforms you can have an unpleasant surprise when you continue watching a series or listen to a playlist, respectively.

Use of the Netflix platform

These are the five advice that we consider essential so that everything goes perfectly when you go on a trip regardless of where your destination is:

  • Check that the connection speed of WiFi networks that you use is appropriate. This can be known with something as simple as downloading a file from the Internet. In general, public access points do not usually offer good performance, so in many cases the ideal is to use access points own that are more efficient. The use offered by smartphones is an example, but this should be careful because you can exceed the data rate You have hired and have a dislike at the end of the month. An additional detail: confirm roaming. This is essential, since it is possible that the destination country is not within the options that allow you to maintain the use of your data rate on a regular basis and it is possible to fall into additional expenses.
  • As we have indicated when being in mobility conditions, there is a restriction of the autonomy of the devices used, such as the smartphone. So that this is not a problem, the ideal is always to carry a external battery (or PowerBank) that allows charging regardless of where it is. It is advisable to get a model that has at least 10,000 mAh, this way you have at least two complete processes.

External battery for smartphone

  • To avoid geographical restrictions, one option is to get a VPN application which makes it possible to mask the place where it is and it is possible to establish another (such as the country of origin). Development should be as simple as it is efficient to make the VPN to watch Netflix or other platforms help.
  • Check the accessories What are you carrying? Apart from the aforementioned, you should never miss a fast charger (if the terminal is compatible); an adapter for the plug if it is not the same as that used in your country of origin; a connection cable to use the external battery; and, in addition, the headphones should not be missing so as not to disturb anyone. Another option that is recommended is an element that allows you to place your smartphone or tablet in lectern mode.
  • The last tip may seem obvious, but there are users who don't know it. Many services, if you have a paid account, allow download content to watch them offline, such as those named Netflix and Spotify. Take advantage of this possibility whenever you have access to WiFi networks so that when you go outside, if you have free time, you can enjoy your favorite movies and songs.

Using Spotify on smartphone

Find what streaming service offers the movie or series you want to watch

If all these tips are followed, it is very rare that the contents of the streaming platforms cannot be enjoyed In a simple way to which you have access regardless of where you travel and, also, always with good quality and reliability.