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Hogwarts Mystery! available at a Googlle Play Store on pre-registration

Franchises have always been interesting subjects to make movies and video games and one of the most powerful in recent years has been the one of Harry Potter. Now comes a new role-playing game inspired by this magical world on Google Play.

Today the announcement of the pre-registration of this game has been made, so that the application notifies us as soon as it is available for download.

In addition, a trailer has been published in which we see how this new playful proposal will be in which we will have to choose one of the four houses of magicians available and make decisions. Depending on our actions, the game will guide us along one path or another.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! It is a role playing game

In the game we will have to explore Hogwarts and decipher the riddles and mysteries that the school hides, as well as learn from its teachers the different magic that exists.

We can also fight against rivals using our own spells Y potions, that we will learn throughout the adventure. Or partner with our friends to perform some of the missions that will be proposed to us.

We will discover new characters and locations and our player will gain experience and power. Also if we want we can customize our avatar to adapt it to our liking.

The graphics are in 3D although the way of interacting will vary since sometimes we will have to talk other to struggle and others perform raids in the different locations.

The game will be free to download even if you have purchases within the application. We will have to try it to know if they are suitable or if they end up being necessary to have a complete gaming experience.

However, as we advanced a few weeks ago the game is available to install through its APK although it is in English, so wait if we want to play it in Spanish.