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Google launches the new CameraX API for developers

CameraX is the new developer camera API launched by Google

Google made several announcements, including the launch of the Pixel 3a and Android Q at the opening session of Google I / O 2019. Several new APIs and other improvements related to the software were also made public for developers.

The most prominent, probably, was CameraX, a new API aimed at improving camera applications on Android. This works on most Android devices with easy-to-use implementation and compatibility on Android 5.0 devices or higher.

Developers can easily code new camera apps using CameraX, as well as the optional extensions and add-ons that it includes. In turn, they can easily take advantage of the camera experience provided by the camera application preinstalled on any device. These only need to add a couple of lines of code to induce all the features of the native camera application. It allows capturing shots with portrait, HDR, night and beauty mode.

It is an easy to use API and will dramatically reduce the code in third-party Android camera applications. The task that requires a lot of time to code for each specific device in the camera application will end. Google has developed a test lab dedicated to CameraX to examine improvements in all operating systems as of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Google has modeled it in an environment plug-and-play to easily capture the basic behavior of the camera. A set of different use cases, such as Preview, Image Analysis and Image Capture, are part of the latest API.

The new API is currently in stage Alpha, and Google recommends not using it for the production environment. However, Google is promoting its use for testing purposes.

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CameraX will surely benefit developers who code camera applications for Android. It will lead to better optimized and optimized camera applications with compatibility in a wider user base.

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