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Four Android applications to help take care of the environment

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Every day there are many things we can do to help the environment. Although many people do not know how to do it or want to contribute in different ways to take care of the planet. Fortunately, our Android phone can be very helpful in this process. Since we have applications that allow us to lead a more sustainable life and thus help the environment in a simple way.

Then we leave you with a selection of these applications, available for your Android phone in the Play Store. Thanks to them it is easy to contribute to care for the planet in a simple way. So, if you did not know very well where to start, these apps will be a good help.

Go Green Challenge

This application is very simple, but it can be a good help for those who work well with challenges. What this app does is set a series of challenges or tasks to meet each week. Simple challenges, but that at all times are aimed at helping the environment. Thus, we can put our grain of sand in a very simple, entertaining and comfortable way, from our own smartphone. As we complete the tasks they send us, we will earn points in the app. We also have a series of indications about the environment within the application.

The download of this Android application is free. Inside it we find ads. Luckily, they are not too annoying, so we can use the application comfortably.

Too Good To Go

Many restaurants, bars and shops throw huge amounts of food, which in many cases is in good condition, which is a huge waste. Thanks to this app, it is possible stay in touch with those stores that sell this food, with discounts. So that people who want to buy it can do so, thus avoiding a significant waste of food. The application started working in Denmark, but since last year it has already been present in Spain, in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao. So it is a good option in this regard.

The download of this application on Android is free. In addition, inside it we have neither purchases nor advertisements of any kind.

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Many cities seek to encourage the use of public transport, in addition to other means such as cycling. In this way, pollution in cities will be reduced. For those who plan to use the bike, this application may be a good option. In it we find all kinds of maps, to know in which areas of the city or province you can go by bike, bike lane or areas that are appropriate for it. A good way to plan routes and know where you can use it.

The download of this Android application is free. Although inside it we find shopping. While mostly you can use it without paying money.

Clean Point

When we want to get rid of an electronic device, we cannot do it in the same way as the rest of the garbage. But we have to go to a special point, where you can leave this type of waste. This application shows us all the points of this type in Spain, more than 1,700 today. So we know which one is closest to our area of ​​residence and we can throw in this way a refrigerator, televisions, laptops or other products of this type in a way that is safe and responsible, preventing damage to environment. The use of the application is very simple, with a search engine and a map within it.