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Fortnite plans to update the creative mode with a new mode

Fortnite season 7

One of the main novelties that Fortnite Season 7 brought us was the Creative Mode. We talked about a new way of playing in which each user has an island to unleash their imagination, creating unique scenarios and inviting other players to try the map they have created. A really fun system but lacking a particular mode.

And is that users arrive claiming a Battle Royale mode for the Fortnite Creative mode, and it seems that it will finally arrive. Yes, Epic Games has stated that in a very short time we can crush ourselves in the sand in this crazy way. And, from what they have explained, it will be really fun.

Creative mode will allow us to adjust the storm and other options after a future update


It was during a talk in the Fortdd Creative mode subreddit, where a member of the Epic Games team answered a user's question, giving enough hope to the possibility of a Battle Royale mode coming to the fun complement that landed in the Season 7. Currently, the Creative mode of Fortnite allows us to create our own maps. For this we have at our disposal a large number of materials, to make races or any other type of game.

And, in response to a player's question about whether there would be a way Battle Royale in Fortnite Creative Mode, the developer's response has been more than clear: Yes! ?The plan is already underway, but it is? technically a bit difficult ?. On the other hand, he added that they want to integrate a mini-BR mode in which the storm can be configured, use the bus launch and other options included in the most used mode of the game.

The problem is that Creative Mode has a lot of options, and adding a Battle Royale mode is more complicated than it seems, although it seems that, sooner rather than later, we can crush our opponents in this fun tool to Fortnite.

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