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Fornite is updated with a new weapon and more game modes

Explosive Arch in Fortnite

After the release of the famous Epic Games game, Fortnite, the company behind its development have not stopped bringing news to renew and ensure the fun of the faithful players. After the last update, they have incorporated a new weapon, the explosive arch. They have also added a new game mode, which will last for a limited time, and thus add more tension.

This news has been brought to us by Epic Games through its official blog, where we know that the team has already launched its new and expected season, the ocatava at last, in which they incorporate the new explosive arc. This will shoot arrows that feature the tip of the shotgun cartridge, so the ammunition you use is shotgun. Upon impact it explodes instantly. He too Fornite team He has spoken of the new limited time mode.

How does the explosive arc in Fortnite work?

Fortnite on a phone

The firing of this arc is very simple: The longer the corresponding button is pressed, more strength will have the shot, more speed and more damage will do when hitting the projectile. Therefore, if the direct shot hits a player, in addition to the strong damage it receives, it will also be critically affected by the impending explosion. To achieve this maximum force, the recharge is 1.6 seconds.

As for the new limited mode that brings the Fortnite's new update, we know you will receive the name of “Shooter Shooting”, Which consists of a battle between users, who can only use shooter rifles. For this new game mode, we wanted to complicate the gameplay a bit, for this, the appearance of life spoils is reduced by 50%. As for battle for duos or teams, it will be impossible to resurrect our companions when they have died.

In the creative mode, with the new update, in addition to the new explosive arc as a weapon, errors have also been corrected and improvements in gameplay have been made. Especially in limited events, as many inconveniences occurred. Therefore we wait for new developments that the Fornite team publishes, and the new seasons that come to continue with this famous game. What do you think about the news that comes to Fortnite?

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