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Features and price of this accessory for smartphones

The mobile phones Today they offer great power, so much that they can be used as a more than adequate productivity platform But, many times, the screen and the methods of entering information are not the best possible. With Phonebook you can turn your smartphone into a whole laptop quickly and economically.

This accessory is a Case of laptop that uses the main hardware included in the current terminals (we talk about processor, RAM and, of course, internal storage). That is to say, what is happening with the Bluetooth speakers, where everything runs on the smartphone, is replicated to another level, but the music is heard on the external device. By the way, one of the good details offered by the device is that it is compatible with both terminals Android like those that use operating system iOS –The exception is the models with MediaTek-processor.

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The screen included in PhoneBook is from 15.6 inch, dimensions that allow acceptable portability and productivity (with 1080p resolution). In what has to do with the dimensions that has the housing this is 35.81 x 23.88 x 1.78 centimeters. This component is tactile, so it admits the use of stylus if needed and inside there is a autonomous eight-hour battery which can even be used to recharge the smartphone. Important to comment that the accessory has two stereo speakers and headphone jack.

Playing with the PhoneBook accessory

Things to know about PhoneBook

The connectivity It is an important element, apart from being confirmed that both the keyboard and the mice can be used when connecting a smartphone which allows advanced uses in content such as games or text editors. And, the truth is that this device amply meets all that is possible: two USB type A (The one on the left is the one for the smartphone, which connects with a traditional cable; there is HDMI; and even a USB type C which allows a large number of options using an external hub.

By the way, PhoneBook does not include any option to access the use of wireless connectivity, since it uses the phone itself that connects. In what has to do with the operation, simply by connecting the chosen cable, in a matter of a few seconds the image is seen on the screen and all are used innocuously as if you were in front of a traditional laptop but with iOS or Android operating system. All very simple.

Connect PhoneBook

Get this useful accessory and its price

This product has already obtained financing in Kickstarter, so investing in it has no risk and the truth is that it aims to be very useful (more than Samsung DeX, for example). I could buy one for about 135 euros And, the shipments begin in the month of December 2019, so it can be an excellent gift for Christmas.