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Facebook presents massive cuts and interruption of services

FacebookFacebook is cached for thousands of users by another massive cut. Although it is not a global problem and the platform works in some areas, the service continues to suffer from a series of interruptions that prevent thousands of people from posting updates or photographs, or seeing what friends and family have published.

The Down Detector interrupt monitor has recorded hundreds of reports, while users who claim they were unable to access Facebook turned to Twitter and other social networks to express their frustration. The interruption began on October 29 in some regions and continues to the present.

The Down Detector map shows that this situation is mainly extended in several areas of the United States, but there are also reports that come from South America, especially Peru. The problem is also widespread in several European countries, where a good number of accounts have been affected.

massive cut facebook instagram whatsapp out mapThis is not a new situation: a series of interruptions, massive outages and operational problems have been continuously plaguing the most popular social networking and messaging services, affecting millions of users around the world. In the middle of the year, Instagram was affected again, and Twitter stopped working globally after Reddit also presented problems. For its part Snapchat, WhatsApp and other important platforms also suffered mishaps. And when everything seemed to be under control, now Facebook again presents massive cuts, getting its users to launch the cry to heaven on other platforms.

The main problems reported by users seem to be centralized in the publication of photos and images, but there are also difficulties in registering or logging in and updating the feed.

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