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Facebook launches an application to access user data in exchange for money

The company will collect information about the use of ?apps? with the intention of improving its products


You already know how much time your users spend in the application, the ads they click on or who their friends are on the social network. He also has data about his activity on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg has launched the Study for Facebook application with the aim of collecting data on the use of others apps that users of legal age do.

?We believe that this work is important to help us improve our products for people who use Facebook,? says the tech giant in a statement on its website.

The company, which does not specify how much money it will pay, says it will not sell the data to third parties or use it to offer targeted advertising.

Study for Facebook

It is a market research application. It will be available first for Android device users in the United States and India and will soon be available for download in other countries as well.

Among the data collected by this new app, are the list of all applications installed on the phone, the time that the user uses them and information about the country, the device and the type of network from which it does.

The company claims not to collect the user's ID, passwords or other content such as photos, videos or messages.

Borja Adsuara

Lawyer expert in digital law, believes that with this information the company ?You'll want to see the transfer that takes place from Facebook to other social networks, especially from young people to applications like TikTok?

"In the statistics of social networks they tell you the number of users but not the type and evolution of use", Add.

And stresses that some Internet users continue to maintain the profile on Facebook but increasingly use it less.

It will be available first for Android device users in the United States and India and will soon be available for download in other countries too


He explains that he will publish ads to encourage people of legal age to participate in this market research program. When someone clicks on an ad, they will have the option to register and the company will invite you to download the application from the Google Play Store.

?As they sign up, people will see a description of how the application works and what information they will share with us so they can confirm that they want to participate,? explains the company, which ensures that all participants can choose not to participate at any time.

The Applause Company

Specializing in market research, she will be in charge of managing both the registration process and the economic compensation.

The launch of this new application comes after months of criticism after TechCrunch revealed that Facebook offered a monthly fee to minors for spying on their phones.

Since 2016, the company paid up to $ 20 a month to users between 13 and 35 years of age to install Facebook Research, a VPN that allowed them to know all their web activity.


It ensures that it will only collect data of adults. And it will do so with your consent after properly informing you of the data that will be collected and how they will be used: