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Electronic Arts brings its games and EA Access to Steam

Giant Electronic Arts has announced a very unexpected association with the PC game Titan Steam. Starting with the release of the highly anticipated Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order on November 15, more and more titles published by EA will arrive on Steam.

The era of game shops and publisher-specific launchers has changed a lot today, with EA officially declaring a new partnership with Valve. The great editor behind many successful franchises such as FIFA, Madden, Battlefield and more, separated from Steam at the beginning of the decade to offer their games exclusively through their own Origin launcher. It's hard to say why Electronic Arts is changing its policy. An obvious thought will be that Origin is simply not generating enough profits for EA and Steam's huge user base is too attractive. Another cause could be Valve themselves. Its most direct competitor, Epic, has been pushing aggressively to deter publishers and developers from launching their games on Steam. Could it be that Valve has made an offer to EA by cutting its own revenue cut? It's all speculation and rumor and, frankly, it doesn't matter.

A library of titles awaits you at The Vault, but beyond the games themselves, EA Access improves your gaming experience with a mix of rewards. Get the red carpet treatment with exclusive discounts throughout the catalog and benefits for members in the game for some of our largest franchises.

Ultimately, it is great news for players and consumer choice. In the future, customers will have the option to buy Electronic Art games wherever they choose, and not a company. And not only games are coming to Steam. In an even greater turn, Electronic Arts also brought its EA Access games subscription to Steam. This will be the first time a game subscription will be available on Steam. Does this mean that other publishers will bring their own subscription services (Uplay +, Xbox Game Pass for PC) to the Valve store in the future? The time dir.

We look forward to next month, when Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order starts the new EA and Steam partnership. You can book it on Steam right now.