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Clash Royale celebrates its second anniversary with gifts and tournaments

Clash Royale It is one of those games that seem simple on the outside and that, as you go into its mechanics and battle style, the more complicated it is. It is still a collectible card game with certain doses of strategy, but the huge variety of combinations, game styles, decks and levels makes Clash Royale Be one of those games that have millions of people installed on your smartphone. And it has two years of life!

Today is an excellent day to return to Clash Royale, if at any time you had left it. Why? Apart from the special weekend tournament, something quite common in this card game and strategy, also because you can get gift chests. And not just any chest, which Supercell It's giving away from the good guys.

Magic chests, lightning, special gifts … On this anniversary, who gives is Supercell

Clash Royale celebrates its second anniversary with gifts and tournaments

The quality of the cards and the chests themselves will depend on the arena you are in. Even so, the gift chests are not limited to those of gold or silver, which Supercell throws the goblin shack out the window to give very good cards. Everything will depend on luck, of course, but it would not be strange if they went out until legendary cards.

There are two gift boxes for the second anniversary of Clash Royale; in addition to other details, such as gold, special prices for some cards and enhancers. As we said, everything will depend on the level of the player and the arena in which he is. In addition, and provided that the level is at least 8, the commemorative tournament of this event also begins its journey.

He Anniversary Challenge, the name of this new tournament, is divided into two parts: the Retro Royale, qualifying tournament in which only the classic cards can be used, and then the Royale Modern, where the decks will have the cards created after the launch of Clash Royale.

The first tournament is qualifying, so you only need 10 crowns to pass the phase and they can't eliminate you; It is also free. In the final tournament, things change: you can only accumulate three defeats. If you get 6 wins you get the jackpot: a chest with a minimum of 2 special cards.