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Chinese mobiles with four cameras. Features of Blackview S8


Low cost Chinese phones that point to the mid-range. Blackview S8

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January 26, 2018

chinese mobile blackview

On Wednesday we talked about cheap Chinese mobiles trying to reach the high end. The technologies of the Asian giant that belong to the lower divisions, are still determined to leave behind that not so distant manufacturing past and that in many cases, it is still manifesting itself through some shortcomings of the devices. However, in general, we can see significant improvements in the smartphone sector that have happened relatively quickly.

Today we are going to talk about S8, which could be considered the current flagship of Blackview launched at the end of 2017 and that will dance between the mid-range and the high range but also, it will have some limitations or weaknesses. Next we will see what all those lights and shadows are and, as we usually do when talking about this type of terminals, we will try to check if it will be worth it or not.


With a completely metallic cover, the most striking in this regard would also be the most common in many other supports: Fingerprint reader rear, a thickness of 8.5 mm within the average, and also, the fact that it is available in 3 colors: Black, gold and blue. As we will see now, the curved screen will absorb the side edges. The ratio between panel and body is 75%.

blackview s8 cameras

Performance, key in many Chinese mobiles

Now we will tell you more about the image and performance properties of this model: As we said before, the screen, multitouch, is curved on the sides and reaches the 5.7 inches. However, its resolution, of 1440 × 720 pixels, may be somewhat tight. In the photographic section, we see lights and shadows alike: Four cameras, two rear and two front that in the case of the main lenses, reach 13 Mpx, but in the secondary, they stay in the VGA. The RAM and the ability to storage They are two of its strengths, reaching 4 and 64 GB respectively but being able to extend this last parameter to 128. In the performance section we see characteristics of the mid-range. The processor reaches 1.5 Ghz peaks and the operating system is Nougat.

Availability and price

As we said at the beginning, this phablet officially came to light in the last quarter of 2017. In Europe, it is possible to find it through two channels: The official website of the company and the main Internet shopping portals of the Asian giant. The average cost of this model is around 189 euros After having suffered a reduction of 100. What do you think about the S8? Do you think it has a balanced performance or not? We leave you available information on other Chinese mobile phones of second brands such as the Allcall Mix 2 so you can learn more about these supports.