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Celebrate Halloween in a big way with the new TikTok filters

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If your favorite application is TikTok, surely you celebrate Halloween using it, right? Well, in that sense, you would like to know that nothing more has been launched and nothing less than 60 new filters under the #Creepyeffects challenge.

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Moreover, as the company has explained through a statement, in just a few days more than 31 million visits have already been registered. But maybe you wonder how you can join this challenge. The truth is that it is very simple. Users can create original videos thanks to the filters to become a musical zombie, a Mexican Catrina, a skeleton or the Drcula itself, says the company.

In addition, these filters will be available not only until Halloween night (October 31), but you can use them until November 7.

Among the most popular filters are Neon, Witch, Witch Dance, Shadow Face and Scream that have received, so far, more than 60,000 videos. Also, there are already more than 130,000 videos available using the hashtag #Creepyeffects giving ideas to TikTok users of all kinds, from how to make up on Halloween, to some recipes to make at home or ideas for costumes.

Other hashtags that succeed

But the hashtag #Creepyeffects is not the only one that is being used and triumphing these days to celebrate Halloween.

In addition, other hashtags such as # Walklikeanangel, # terroren15seconds, #MiSpookyLook and #Spookyseason have become viral among the TikTok community, the latter with more than 1,400 million visits registered so far.

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