Car racing with your own soundtrack in Music Racer

Car racing with your own soundtrack in Music Racer

There are many curious games in the Google app store and there comes a point where some are inspired by others. Personally I have tried several and although each has its identifying point about this game I had not seen so far.

Today we test Music Razer, a proposal that moves us to a neon world in which we must drive some classic racing vehicles such as the Lamborghini Countach.

But the biggest news will be in the soundtrack, not because it is from a DJ known as happens in Avicii Gravity HD, but because we will be the one to choose it, and that will change some aspects of the game.

Choosing your own MP3

At the beginning of the game we must choose a vehicle and a track and as we collect elements in the races we can unlock new ones in both sections.

But just before starting too we will have to choose an MP3 file that we have on the mobile and it will be he who plays while we play and depending on the pace the game will go more or less fast. Also, if we crash, the music will stop and stop us.

This implies that we can have more lively or quieter races but also that we will have to look for an MP3 file to play.

The control is very simple and simply by pressing on both sides of the screen we will move our car to dodge the red pillars and take the white pieces that will give us access to other elements.

The camera will turn so that it is somewhat more difficult to sometimes reach the end since it will create flush changes that prevent us from seeing at a great distance.

Depending on the smartphone in which we install it we can select one type of graphics or others to have a fluid experience.