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Archos 80 Xenon: 8 inches, 3G, four cores and Android stock for less than 200

In the increasingly crowded Android tablet market, it is sometimes easy to forget that the best selling models are not usually the most expensive, but, on the contrary, it is the mid / low range tablets with prices that range between ? 150 and ? 200 that are triumphing. That is why it is not surprising that every time Archos goes through this website to present a model in that price range.

In the case of Archos 80 Xenon, We are facing an eight-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768, very modest and nothing surprising, but it is what we have been waiting for from the tablets of this range and this brand. In the field of the processor the thing improves, and much. A Snapdragon S4 quad-core at 1.2 Ghz It is quite decent considering the circumstances, but it cannot be forgiven that it has only 1 GB of RAM. The supposed advantage of having four cores is to be able to run several apps at the same time without slowdowns, but with that size of RAM we do not believe that it will be used.

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<p>Although it may be too early to rule out the Archos 80 Xenon, as it also has other interesting features, such as both compactness<strong> with 3G connections as with Wifi, in addition to having GPS</strong>. The rear camera is 2 MP, and the storage is only 4 GB although it has a micro SD slot. All running Android 4.1.</p>
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