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Apple wireless headphones borrow HomePod technology to make it reversible

Apple's HomePod speaker never arrived in India, but one of its key features was the ability to use microphones to draw open spaces in a room and adjust the sound output accordingly. A newly filed patent application now reveals that Apple's long-awaited headphones during the year may have the same feature.

According a report by 9a5mac, the patent suggests the use of the technology called beam shaping for two different reasons. Both can transform the way we have used the headphones all the time, making them simpler than ever.

First, the beam formation could allow Apple headphones to be placed over the ears to be reversible. Instead of having to make sure that we are placing the headphones in the right direction, the multi-microphone array of the headphones could help the interior chip automatically detect the orientation and adjust the output accordingly. For this, Apple plans to add up to five microphones around each headset.

But how are the microphones going to do? Well, as soon as you ask Siri, the headphones can tell which microphone is closest to your mouth in each headset, and in this way you can determine in which direction the headphones are used. This also means that the headphones will have an identical shape without extra distortion to fit the right ear.

Apple diagram for beam training in headphones. Image: 9a5mac

Apple diagram for beam training in headphones. Image: 9a5mac

The second use of the beam formation in the headphones is to better separate the voice from the background noise.

An excerpt from the patent says: "A processor []" can be used to perform the voice beam formation towards the user's mouth to capture the user's speech and perform the noise beam formation away from the user's mouth to capture ambient noise. "

This, in theory, should not only help to separate the noise while answering voice calls, but should also make it easier to incite Siri in noisy environments, such as a gym or park.

There is no clarity about when we can see the launch of the headphones. First we hear about that back in February when a report indicated that Apple was working on a pair of high-end headphones to place over the ear. Apple, however, in the typical way of Apple, has moved away from hinting at something like that until now.