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Android 11 with wireless ADB is being developed

Android 10 has just arrived, yes, but that means that now the Mountain View company is focused –almost exclusively- in the development ofAndroid 11 That, although it takes almost a year to arrive, will have a long time before its first beta version for Pixel smartphones. And we started to know the first details about it. Everything indicates that, for the first time,ADB It can work wirelessly.

ADBor‘Android Debug Bridge’, is a fundamental feature of the Android operating system that allowsconnect the device to the PC for the execution of codes remotely and to carry out advanced tasks. It is used to remove apps considered bloatware without root, to also install apps from the computer, and for many other things like unlocking the bootloader. In any case, until now it has been necessary to make the cable connection. And it seems that this is going to end, so that users can useADB without cables.

Wireless ADB one of the novelties of Android 11?

In XDA Developers they have found, in AOSP –Android Open Source Project-, the source code of the Android operating system, which the Mountain View company is working on the operationADB wireless. As they say, users will have the option to pass thedebug mode USB cable -the option available now- to Wireless And the way to proceed will be through aQR code, or with a six-digit code.

As they comment, in greater detail, there are a couple of ways currently to make the ADB connection wirelessly. Yes, but they have security problems recognized by the community, or they simply have not become popular because of the complexity in the way they proceed. So the introduction of this function, natively and officially, will obviously help users make the connection between their Android devices and the PC without having to use cables.

It's something especially interesting when we're seeing the step toUSB C to USB C connectors and when laptops are offering fewer and fewer USB connections. And although the exact progress that Google has in this regard is unknown, it will be rare to arrive as part of an Android 10 update. A priori, as soon as possible, we should see the arrival of the wireless ADB mode by the hand of Android 11. That is , will begin to be available from the end of next 2020 to users of Pixel mobile devices.