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an has not reached 20% of the devices


Android Lollipop continues to progress, but slowly: an has not reached 20% of the devices

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August 4, 2015

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There was no fragmentation data for the month of July, but if someone waited in an outburst of optimism that when we had them we were going to have a pleasant surprise, they will be disappointed, because very little has changed since June: Android Lollipop continues to spread but the growth rate remains slow, so that less than twenty% of the devices enjoy it.

The percentage of Android KitKat continues to double that of Android Lollipop

Although with some frequency we can bring you news of devices that are being updated to more recent versions of Android, not to mention all the new smartphones and tablets that have seen the light in recent months, Android Lollipop is still far from being the version with more presence: according to the latest data from Google, the latest version of your mobile operating system has reached nothing more than a 18.1% of all devices.

Android versions August 2015

While it is true that this is an improvement of almost six points compared to the latest data, it is also that these are from the month of June, which implies a growth of three points per month. It is the same that this percentage grew between the months of May and June, and although it is good news that has not slowed down, we must also recognize that it is insufficient if we hope that Android Lollipop be the most updated version at least for when debuting Android M.

In fact, the percentage of devices with Android KitKat is still close to being twice as many as they have Android Lollipop, with a 39.3%, which is practically the same as it had in June. Only of Android Jelly Bean backwards, a real setback is appreciated, although the newer versions are as slow as the advance, so that the candy version still has about 15 points more than that of the lollipops, and is present in nothing less than one in three Android devices.

And Android M keeps getting closer

The worst part of all this, as we said, is that Android M is about to arrive (you know that it is expected to do so in about three months, before the end of the year), so very soon what we will be aware of is the evolution of this and it seems reasonable to suspect that we We will find a quite similar scenario. We still have, in any case, a few months ahead in which we could still witness a real breakthrough in the extension of Android Lollipop. We'll have to wait to see what happens.