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After Burner Climax from SEGA takes you to the recreational machine

SEGA brings us this time to the great After Burner Climax to bring us those memories of yesteryear in which we used to fly in one of those spectacular fighters. A classic of the recreational machines that made the mischief of a whole generation of players that with their 5 hard ones freaked it out in those rooms.

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy those great moments with the return of this classic that looks fancy on our mobiles; especially in those who wear an AMOLED screen like the Samsung and many others. An arcade in which you handle an entire fighter to eliminate all the enemies that come from the front in their powerful fighter planes.

A whole arcade on your smartphone

SEGA puts us before the handling of a combat fighter in which we will simply have to go dodging the rockets and shooting enemy moving across the screen. For this we have a control stick with which we will raise our fighter to dodge the enemy and point it towards it when we want to prepare our full firing potential.

After burner

The gameplay is based on avoiding other planes, bullets and rockets while we try to eliminate the enemy with those remote control missiles. We must aim well so that in one or two seconds the shooting window opens and we can use our arsenal. And little more than this is what we will find in a game that is an arcade and in which simulation has been neglected.

SEGA does allow us to select from a good variety of fighters. We have at F14D Super Tomcat by Northrop Grumman, the F-15E Strike Eagle or the F / A-18E Super Hornet from Boeing. A series of fighters with their pros and cons and we must take full advantage of them in order to progress through the 20 levels that await us in After Burner Climax.

20 levels with its 20 scenarios

After Burner Climax takes us through 20 scenarios in which we will find different environments such as jungles, icy landscapes and even volcanoes. You must also discover the secret levels by meeting some required requirements. We are facing one of those arcades in which repeating the levels will allow us to access a good extras to continue playing it without stopping.

Aircraft carrier

We also have to talk about your 3 modes: Arcade, Attack by points and climates. The first mode stands out for their lives and unlimited continuations, automatic setting and the permanent climax mode. The second, the points, leads us to the competition against other aviation stars and thus climb to the top of more than 60 classifications. The climates mode is characterized by slowing down time and the fixing cursor enlarges in size; so you can select several enemies and kill several at once.

After Burner Climax allows us go through the free advertising experience, or simply make a payment to eliminate it. It already depends on the desire that you have to enjoy the full game and your dislike for those ads that we will find located at the bottom of the screen.

A whole arcade

A very complete arcade and that takes us to those 90s in which it was one of the recreational machines that received the most attention from many players. Here we have it on our smartphone with a well-made port and which highlights all that spectacular combat.


Technically it's pretty good and everything that was the first After Burner is here. Quality environments, visual effects of explosions and shooting of all varieties and a great design in the aircraft model.

An experience of Recreational machine on your Android mobile with After Burner Climax and work well carried out by SEGA. If you want to know what it is to handle a fighter, in After Burner you have it for free although with that damn publicity.