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About the prequel to Game of Thrones: everything we know so far

If you are a true fan of one of the most successful series of all time, surely you were left wanting more after their eighth season. To the joy of many, andn June 2018 HBO gave a green light to a prequel pilot of game of Thrones by George RR Martin, the author behind A Song of Ice and Fire, the series of books on which the original program is based, alongside screenwriter Jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Secret Service).Now we have an idea of ??when to start the production of the series and how long we have to wait until it opens, as well as some of the new faces that will play a role. Tea we tell everything we know about the prequel to game of Thrones

Prequel Name

Only a few hours after the news was known that the first HBO Game of Thrones prequel, which was developed by screenwriter Jane Goldman and starring Naomi Watts, had been abandoned, HBO and WarnerMedia announced the second prequel.

This spinoff, which is called House of the Dragon, does not need to film a pilot to prove its worth, and almost certainly end up on television screens. The prequel led by Watts, who never received an official title, only filmed a pilot (supposedly expensive).

House of the Dragon takes place about 300 years before the flagship series. It focuses on the trials of the Targaryen House, the noble family that conquered Westeros and united the Seven Kingdoms, and that finally produced Daenerys, who was one of the most beloved heroes and the most fearsome villains of Game of Thrones.

However, House of the Dragon may not be the only prequel to Game of Thrones and it has already been suggested that a third series will be in development. A fourth prequel, created by writer Bryan Cogman of Game of Thrones, was eliminated in April.


Details of the author's mouth

The writer and screenwriter of fantasy literature and science fiction, George R.R. Martin, who is the author of the series of novels Song of Ice and Fire, adapted for television with the title Game of Thrones, released new details about the expected prequel to this production.

In his personal blog, among other things, he reiterated that they have new programs in development and that the Targaryen series will not be called ?Fire & Blood. In addition, he said he hopes to see the first cut of the Long Night prequel soon, set thousands of years after Jane Goldman's show in Westeros' history. And yes, it will be based on material from one of his books, whose public cover.

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This is part of what the author writes in his blog: The Internet is full of stories about a second prequel to Game of Thrones that is close to production. There are stories in dozens of places. Many people have sent me emails since these stories came to the web, asking me to confirm or deny them. I'm sorry. I can not. Well, not much, in any case.

He went on to say that what can be confirmed that HBO had several successive Game of Thrones programs in development. There were four to start. Then five. Then three. I've said all that before. Jane Goldman's untitled program, which I still shouldn't call The long night, is one of those. The pilot finished a month ago and has been in post-production. I hope to see your first cut soon, the author continues, adding that he was able to visit Belfast and take a look behind the scenes of some of his sets, and, according to him, they are spectacular.

Previous interviews

In a previous interview with The New York Times, Martin indicated that Goldman will have a lot of freedom to create the world of the series, since the time in which it develops thousands of years before the events of Martin's novels is not mentioned much in A Song of Ice and Fire nor in the HBO series.

?If you look at the books published so far, there is very little material about that: a sentence here, a sentence there. Old Nan tells a story that takes up a paragraph. So Jane had to create the characters, the configuration and some of the events, ?Martin explained. "We had to see everything that was said and say," OK, this is what was said at the time, we have to do it now congruent. " We scrambled some ideas, and made some suggestions. But it was Jane who has done more, he added.

And complement: ?It has been established (the prequel) in thousands of years before Game of Thrones. The King's Landing does not exist. The iron throne does not exist. There are no dragons there.

HBO's plans

After the success of the series Game of Thrones, It doesn't surprise us, at all, that HBO would like to continue with those moments of glory. Therefore, the idea of ??some prequel gust, and much, to the fans of the series. However, now it seems that HBO has slammed the spin-off or original prequel. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, the screenwriter and producer of Game of Thrones, Byran Cogman, confessed that his prequel did not move forward.