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7 reasons why the Apple Card is the safest card in the world

Apple Card

Knowing the privacy policy towards its users of Cupertino, it was expected that Apple's credit card would be safeBut how safe is it? Without giving a lot of detours, let's say it is one of the safest, there are better, of course, but remember that this is free, and that money back in the form of Daily Cash.
Let's see then your key points in what security refers to.

1- Apple does not store the information related to your purchases.

Remember that the Apple Card It has been designed primarily for use with Apple Pay, and that is how most of its advantages are achieved. Understanding this, Apple does not obtain any information about your transactions since they are stored on your device locally, so your purchases are yours, and Apple does not access this information.

Apple Pay

2- The Apple Card does not share your information when making transactions with it.

There are establishments that register our purchases, assigning a name to that precise purchase and card number. The Apple Card avoids this, since on the one hand the card number is encrypted, and is not transmitted. On the other hand, The Apple Card also does not inform you of your name when making the transaction to the establishments, avoiding that records can be generated by associating our names, with purchases and cards.

3- Apple Pay reinforces the security of the Apple Card.

As we mentioned before, Apple encrypts the card information on your device and does not transmit it when making a purchase. Thanks to this, fraudulent copies are avoided since sIf you do not transmit your card information there is nothing to copy that may be likely to duplicate. This is in the theory, since there have been complaints from users indicating that only using Apple Pay for their Apple Card will they have cloned their cards.

Apple Card in wallet

4- Apple will be looking for banks that value security to partner with them.

In the United States, Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs to launch the Apple Card. To make this possible, Apple has forced the credit institution to sign a privacy agreement so that they cannot sell your information to third parties, which suggests that this will be one of the obligations for banks that want to partner with Apple to launch the card beyond the United States.

5- A physical card with hardly any information.

The physical Apple Card does not have more visible information than your name, without card or account numbers. Apparently this may seem little since fraudulent transactions by contact cannot avoid them, but any prevention of sharing data that is not necessary is welcome.

6- Your balance, only in Wallet on your device.

Normally, banks allow third parties to access your bank information so that, for example, you can control multiple accounts from the same application. With the Apple Card only you from your device in the Wallet application you can see and control your card, without third party applications or shared information.

apple card

7- MasterCard as the last barrier

Normally card issuing companies share their customers' data with third parties. Apple has not been mentioned about this, but it has MasterCard, which is who issues the Apple card, indicating that only share anonymous information and that the card user has accepted with third parties, this being the last security reinforcement of the Apple Card.