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3D designs to print: There are thousands in Thingiverse!

It must sound like a clich, but it is that without a doubt the 3D printing landed with all the courage to stay; and proof of this is the number of people who have joined the movement and not only in the development of terminals and consumables to produce parts, but also in various ways to maintain this current technological proposal and strengthen their field-

In that last sense, it is worth mentioning those of the United States who, along with distributing for Spain and Portugal – devices and products related to the field, focus on the instruction of the users, as they themselves say – help develop the market of 3D printers in those two nations.

Proof of this is what is posted on his blog, where they refer to Thingiverse -of the American MakerBot- a portal that allows users to download without much equipment or protocols- .stl files to be printed.

Without a doubt, the best and largest generalist repository of digital designs, entresD experts have pointed out, based on the more than 100,000 3D models of all kinds, among which they mention, imaginable figurines of Star Wars, furniture parts of Ikea, reproductions of famous works of art, kitchen utensils, jewelry, tools or all kinds of gadget accessories.

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<p>Impossible to stop commenting also that in this portal not only the user is given an opportunity to find models, but also to give them their personal touch. Even those who create the archives ?tune? them to their liking and mix utility with decoration, ?illustrates Maria Torras, head of marketing at entresD.</p>
<p>If you have already experimented with that portal or others, we would love to know your opinion and even see what you have done. Okay?</p>