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10 cases for iPhone 11

It is advisable to protect a new mobile with some type of sheath, more if it is a new iPhone 11, so if you have this phone we place you to spend a little more money to protect it correctly to avoid that any one can spoil it.

While it is true that certain people believe that a case removes the phone's appeal, especially those that are completely opaque, it does not have to be that way, because apart from the protection they grant, it is possible enjoy iPhone design with a transparent case.

There is covers of all kinds and a variety of colors and materials for the iPhone 11, are the most basic that are completely transparent silicone and gel, there are harder plastic and then there are those of colors, book style to put the mobile and some cards, etc.

Bovon cover

Image - 10 cases for iPhone 11

We start with one of the simplest and most economical covers you can buy for your new iPhone 11. We found the Bovon cover, a transparent protection that protects the phone against falls, scratches and other minor incidents.

It is quite thin (0.4 inches thick) so it does not enlarge the thickness of the iPhone 11 too much. It has two openings, the rear camera and the cable connector for charging. On Amazon you have it on offer for just 6.46.

Purchase: Bovon Cover (Amazon)

Microfiber lined silicone case

Image - 10 cases for iPhone 11

On eBay we find the typical opaque colored silicone case that so many people buy to protect their phone. The truth is that there is a great variety to choose from, so the appearance of color is not an impediment when deciding to buy it.

It is a case that fits perfectly to the iPhone 11, leaving the camera and charging port as unique openings. Inside we have a soft microfiber layer, while the silicone outer part is equally silky and pleasant.

Purchase: Microfiber lined silicone case (eBay)

UAG Pathfinder case

Image - 10 cases for iPhone 11

If you like the covers with a more daring design, you should buy the UAG Pathfinder cover. This is a protective case for the iPhone 11 with a Relief design very attractive and different, which offers a different touch when you pick up the phone.

Offers military standard with shock and fall resistance Thanks to its 2 layers of protection, although this does not mean that it weighs too much, it is light. It is non-slip and compatible with wireless charging, you can find it in PcComponentes for only 28.