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Your iPhone 5 stop working in November if you don't do this

The services of Manzana how App Store, iCloud, e-mail, Internet or other platforms, stop working on your iPhone 5 If it is not updated.

That's right The iPhone 5 that do not have the last update before the first minute of November 3, they will stop receiving such services according to a statement from Apple.

He iPhone 5 require an update of iOS to maintain an accurate GPS location and continue using functions that are based on the correct date and time.

According to the company, this is due to the problem of GPS time reset that began to affect other manufacturers' GPS products. That is, as part of a standardized process that occurs every 1,024 weeks, the system restart affects mobile devices.

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«Apple devices that were affected will not be affected until just before 12:00 a.m. UTC on November 3, 2019«, Be the statement.

However, not only the iPhone 5 devices will stop working, but the list of affected includes the Iphone 4s, the iPad third and fourth generation, as well as iPad mini Y iPad 2.

They are not part of the list ipod touch, nor the models of iPad They only work with WiFi and not with SIM.

Now, if the user did not update his device, he could still restore his life through a backup from a PC or Mac and then restore all the information and thus update to the latest version of iOS.

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If you have a little free time, do not hesitate to update your device before everything stops working.