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Xiaomi Cowarobot smart suitcase, the suitcase that will follow you

No one can deny that sometimes Xiaomi It surprises us with all kinds of crazy things. Yes, the Chinese manufacturer has a really impressive product catalog. Are you a sports lover? You will find gadgets of all kinds to practice sports. But, the firm is increasingly emphasizing smart products. We have already seen its impressive range of Yeelight solutions, and now it's the turn of a smart suitcase That will leave you with your mouth open.

As usual in these types of solutions, the Pekn-based manufacturer has partnered with Cowarobot To launch a smart suitcase that will follow you everywhere. How does it do it? Well, through the camera located in the handle of this suitcase and that, he is able to recognize the face of his owner to follow him wherever he goes. Obviously, this product is in crowfunding through the Xiaomi collective financing page. And yes, it is being an overwhelming success.

As is the new smart suitcase from Xiaomi and Cowarobot. The future is here!

the video says it all is amazing smart suitcase able to follow you. The only thing you have to do is bring your face close to the handle, so that your camera scans your facial features and detects you as a user. Then scan the rest of your body to create a user profile to follow at all times. And eye, that is able to dodge objects, so you should not worry about anything.

The best? That through the mobile application, compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem, you can use the camera that integrates this curious gadget to take pictures while you walk. What else can you ask for? Well, your battery, which has an autonomy of up to 20 kilometers, also serves to charge the phone.

And yes, through the application you can see the distance you have traveled, the different users who have used this smart suitcase … Come on, there is nothing missing from the new Xiaomi solution. The secret of its exquisite functionality lies in the processor designed specifically for this suitcase. It is equipped with artificial intelligence, so as we use the new solution of Xiaomi and Cowarobot, its functionality will improve.

In addition, even if it is a smart suitcase, it is obviously fully functional. In this way, with dimensions of 555 x 384 x 220.5 cm, it is within the standard measures that will allow you to check it as hand luggage. Of course, it is better to go on airlines that do not weigh this gadget, as it reaches 4.5 kilograms. Finally, say that it has a capacity of 31 liters, more than enough for those short trips you have to do for work, or weekend getaways with your partner. Its price? It is available for 1,999 yuan, about 255 euros at the exchange.

A quite surprising figure, more if we consider the possibilities offered by this device so interesting. But what if you try to steal it? That to jump an alarm that will make, lovers of the alien, think twice before continuing to carry a smart suitcase that does not stop taking pictures and send them to your phone …