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Xiaomi announces the Mi Note 10 with a 108 MP camera

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

A few hours ago Xiaomi announced in Weibo a new terminal, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro. This terminal is the first of the company to carry five rear cameras, one of which has a 108 MP sensor. Only a few hours later the company announced on Twitter the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, which seems to be the global version of the mentioned CC9 Pro.

Two models, one terminal?

The truth is that it is very common for the company to present the same device, or almost identical, in Chinese and global versions. The difference is usually the name and sometimes some small changes in your hardware.

We have an image of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro, but not the Mi Note 10, so we cannot confirm that it is the same device. However both are announced with a system of Five cameras with a 108 MP sensor and the two as the first to mount it, so it is assumed that we speak of the same terminal.

In this note they have not given dates, but the CC9 Pro is announced for November 5, possibly the Mi Note 10 will wait a little longer.