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WWE 2K20 Review – Send to Undertaker

Tl WWE The franchise has not been able to really take off since 2K Games obtained the license, and in recent years, it seems that it has progressively worsened with each new game, that downward trajectory has continued this year. The long-time series developers jumped off the Yuke ship this year when they finished their 2K partnership and went to work on their own fighting game, but the new Visual Concepts developers from NBA 2K fame: I could not change things. In fact, WWE 2K20 It is the lowest point for a series that has not seen shortage of low points.

WWE 2K20 It takes a step back in the areas where its predecessor made at least some improvements, with disappointing MyCareer and Showcase after the decent presentations of the past year, but even in the most fundamental areas, the game does not do the minimum. The most flagrant of his flaws arises in his game, which is the worst in the series.

wwe wk20

"WWE 2K20 is the lowest point for a series that has not seen shortage of low points. "

Beyond the modified controls, which certainly work quite well, instead of making improvements in the game of the past year, much of the mechanics and systems have been implemented as they are. The guidance system is still a disaster, and makes throwing even the simplest kicks and punches an exercise in itself, while the excessive reliance on the game in the reversals has not changed a bit. The need to perfectly time the reversals every time hits from opponents arrive is not only annoying, but also very quickly becomes repetitive. The lack of a dodge movement or a blockage in a fighting game still baffles me.

The worst is WWE 2K20 Not only does it not improve, but it actively worsens the fight due to a number of problems. The biggest of them is AI, which can be silly like a bag of rocks in the worst case, but even other problems such as the detection of bumps or the accumulation of errors makes even the simplest things from moment to moment not work more often than not. And that amount of mistakes is, in fact, the second biggest problem with the game, if not tied with the biggest.

WWE 2K20 is in a sorry state It is surprising that this is a game that 2K Games considered in a state worthy of launch. Without a doubt, there will be a number of hilarious failures mounts on the Internet over the next few months, and if you decide to play the game for yourself, you are likely to encounter many of those mistakes. From the clipped characters to the invisible characters in the scenes, from the ugly visual problems to the hard falls of pictures, from the commentators who talk about things that have nothing to do with what happens in the ring to accidents. Oh boy So many crashes From booting from modes to forcing me to restart the game, I have found crashes in WWE 2K20 on multiple occasions

wwe 2k20

"WWE 2K20 is in a sorry state It is surprising that this is a game that 2K Games considered in a state worth launching. "

Out of the basics and go into modes, WWE 2K20 wobbles with MyCareer too. Last year's game established a decent base with its own career mode, which at least had a functional history, a solid performance and an interesting framework. It was something that could be taken in interesting directions with successive iterations, and although that is still possible in future deliveries, that has not happened in 2K20 My career.

The framework that the game uses for the race is, to be fair, quite interesting. You play as Red and Tre, climbing the fight stairs of men and women with the two, but it happens in a series of flashbacks, as the two remember their careers and the paths they took. It is certainly an interesting way to frame a narrative, and it does enough to differentiate it from the history of the past year. When 2K20 MyCareer started, I thought it could really be a very interesting experience. I was ready to like it.

Well, I did not. Writing is the biggest problem of all. Being a WWE game, you expect a certain level of cheesy and exaggerated things, you even want it. There's a lot of that there, but sometimes it can get so cheesy that it almost got on your nerves. The main characters are immensely unpleasant, and the jokes between them never sell very well, while the humorous script simply presents itself as irritating and easy. The interesting frame of the story doesn't really make use of either, and it just ends up feeling like you're going through the motions.

wwe 2k20

"WWE 2K20 wobbles with MyCareer too. "