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With Capsure you can create a digital offering for the Day of the Dead

capsure digital offering

Technology and tradition come together to celebrate one of the best known Mexican traditions, through the possibility of creating a ?digital offering? for the Day of the Dead.

Regardless of the country you come from, there are traditions that cross borders and become part of popular culture, resulting in songs, art and movies. For example, one of Pixar's colorful productions, the movie Coconut, tells the moving story of the aspiring musician, Miguel Rivera, in the context of the impressive backdrop of one of the most traditional Mexican celebrations: the Da de los Muertos.

For those who participate in this celebration, offerings are a fundamental element of traditional customs, which consist of installing domestic altars in honor of the dead of the family, helping to contextualize their heritage and maintain a connection with their legacy. Part of the importance of the traditional offering is the connection of images with memories. Many people in Mexico also visit the graves in the cemeteries, where they take the favorite food of the deceased and spend an afternoon remembering it.

But now, thanks to technology, there is an interesting way for those who celebrate this tradition to honor the memory of their loved ones.

In the digital world of image-based content, there is a greater capacity than ever to connect using not only photos, but also sound, video and instant communication with other family members. Thinking about this, the Capsure digital platform is a service that wants to help keep memories alive, and expand the scope of the celebration with family members who are not nearby, through a digital offering.

Capsure is a social network similar to Pinterest, but with personally uploaded content, without ads or tracking, and with better privacy control. Through this platform, you can build private boards with your personal photos, video and audio. In this case, the network explains that you can create a new board as an offering for a particular family member. When you have uploaded all your photos, the unique function of adding an audio message is offered, so you can add a recording, a favorite song, or a family message.

You can also create boards to commemorate the life and legacy of artists, singers, or public figures that are important to you and that you also want to celebrate, as evidenced by a board created in honor of singer Selena Quintanilla.

A digital offering gives us a way to explore the space between the digital realm, the material realm and the ancestral realm. It is a clearly modern approach to an ancient tradition, and keeps the essence of a traditional offering intact while updating its usability, ability to share and personalization, be it the company on this tool.

The board can be shared publicly, but if privacy is important to you, you can share it exclusively with your family members or those you want to invite to honor the memory of your loved one. If you want, you can set the level of privacy so that your family members can contribute their own photos and other content to the board, so that your digital offering becomes a space in which your family's last circle can also participate.

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