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Weather Doodle, Weather a Cartoon on iPad and iPad 2

Weather Doodle It is a fun application for iPad and iPad 2, now available in the App Store, which shows us the weather forecasts in a very cartoon way original.

Weather Doodle It shows information about the weather, temperature, wind and humidity. Forget the most detailed information and let yourself be captivated by its original interface.

The appearance of clouds, raindrops, snowflakes, hail falling from the sky and wind blowing. All this in an extraordinary visual and extravagant style. When we are tired of the same styles, we can go to your integrated store and download new completely different designs.

Featured features of the application Weather Doodle:

  • Weather forecast and weather with animations
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Each artistic theme presents its own style of animation and drawings
  • The drawings change to reflect the time
  • The drawings change to reflect the moon phase
  • 5 day prediction
  • Actual state
  • Choose between weather stations in the same city
  • Soon there will be more issues. And we can download them from the application when they are available
  • Choose between metric or imperial units
  • Meteorological description, wind speed and humidity

More weather Doodle screenshots for iPad and iPad 2:

Video ofWeather Doodle: