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Unleash the fury in the Hack & Slash called Tower Breaker

Tower Breaker comes to Android to enjoy a pure Hack & Slash Where to unleash all our warrior fury. A title that dresses retro to bring us many pixels and that almost infinite game mode in which to pound the screen insistently.

111% is the study responsible for publishing this new game for Android in which we have to be the devil and conquer all the towers They are waiting for us. A simple and addictive casual game for your mobile that uses freemium to advance time with micropayments.

Improve your team and kill

Simply in Tower Breaker we must start the game to that our warrior begins to eliminate all that huge amount of enemies that will appear on the side of the screen. We will have the option of attacking, defending ourselves and using the turbo button to go directly to the horde of enemies that pounces on us.

Tower breaker

We will also have a series of skills gained that in the most important moments will help us to get rid of a good number of enemies. But don't trust, as you go forward your weapon will begin to look like a wooden trident that doesn't hit hard enough to get rid of all those enemy monsters in the middle.

For this reason, we will try to go ?breaking? in pieces the weapons that surpass us to give us magic points and thus use these to improve the main weapon. A game that is based, and much, on improving the statistics of our weapons and skills to continue progressing properly and thus climb that damn tower.

The best weapons and armor in Tower Breaker

With this, we will be able to arm ourselves with the best weapons and armor and well destroy those final bosses that we will find in our almost infinite rise. It is important to improve weapons, armor and shields in order to progress, since if not, we will notice that it is difficult to eliminate all those troops that grow in number.

Tower Breaker Android

It is important that you press quickly and that your weapon slips destroying all those enemies, since a second rest means giving the opportunity to one of those warriors who lay on top of us to eliminate us from a sword.

The objective of Tower Breaker is to eliminate each of the final bosses and those characterized enemies that give life to the background story of this Android game. It is also important that you do not delay in destroying all the chests, since they are the door to acquire new loot and armor.

A shocking and addictive game

Tower Breaker manages to get us from the first minute on that frenzy of destruction which means our sword and those continuous blows one after another. It is true that if we have enough nerve it will be easier for us, although we remain with what has been said, it is better to improve our weapons to continue advancing without problems.

Tower breaker

A game that is technically pretty good and that in pixel art it has many advantages to make us enjoy a good visual experience. Nor are the design of the environment and each of the characters and enemies with whom we will meet. A game to enjoy from now being free from the Google Play Store.

Tower Breaker is a Hack & Slash in which to disheve and cram ourselves of enough adrenaline to strike accurate blows on all those enemies. It is also striking the sound of the game with those effects that manage to put the lace in a title in which we play the role of "bad". And the truth that sometimes relaxes being the bad one instead of those beautiful rubies that always emerge victorious from all the afrentas they are in. That said, it is already taking time to try this addictive, intense and pixelated hack and slash for your Android mobile from this moment. We leave you with Bladebound, another hack & Slash.