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Uber can no longer test autonomous vehicles in Arizona

A few days after the accident that occurred between an autonomous Uber car and a pedestrian, the Arizona state authorities decided to withdraw the Uber authorization to test their autonomous vehicles.This is an announcement that is not really surprising, but it should still seriously complicate Uber's future in Arizona. After the fatal accident that killed a pedestrian on March 18, the company had already suspended its automotive testing program.

An official prohibition

"I found the video shocking and disturbing, and it raises many questions about Uber's ability to continue testing,"said Douglas Dulecey, governor of Arizona.That's why we decided to suspend ?the Uber authorization to test and operate autonomous vehicles on Arizona roads".Uber does not seem to have commented on this decision for now, but the company says it continues to contribute to the investigation.

It is interesting to see the positions of the different competitors after the fatal accident. If some have stopped, they remain largely a minority.Waymo and General Motors, who are two of the main players, decided to continue their tests at the moment. On the side of Waymo, they have even made a statement about the technological superiority of their AI. The same as Ford, who has just started his tests on the side of Miami.

On the other hand, others for the moment have chosen to suspend the tests or have been forced to do so. This is the case of nuTonomy that he had to suspend his tests at the request of the Boston authorities. Finally, the giant Toyota, who was talking to Uber to share the technology, he preferred to suspend his tests, but for a moral reason. "We believe that the incident can have an emotional effect on our test pilots",said the Toyota Research Institute. Volvo and Daimler, who are in similar situations, prefer not to present themselves.