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True Surf is simply the best surf game ever made

True Surf is a real surf game that, although it is not receiving all the good reviews that we would like, it does bring to your mobile the essence of this risk sport in which many play it with waves of 10 meters or more.

We say that it has all the essence because goes to the purists: on the main screen you see how the waves grow, form and begin to break so that you decide at what point you want to start swimming with your fins to take the necessary speed and start doing all kinds of pirouettes with your board. Surf in its essence.

For the purists

Thanks to the fact that in our country we have many kilometers of beaches, you can experience what it is like to take a board and try to take a wave as it happens in True Surf. You have to know how to wait for that wave that is going to take enough strength and height so we can catch it and try to climb with our feet to the table. If we succeed, we can make the appropriate turns to surf it and feel different sensations.


This is where True Surf surfs, an authentic surf simulator very well worked and brought to the screen of your mobile with some great manufacturing visuals. At first one thought that it was going to be directly entering the wave to be able to get airy when it broke, but there is much more in True Surf. You will simply be first of all a wave simulator in which we can see how they are growing, forming and breaking to different directions with a sound that invites you to go to the beach.


They will teach us how to maneuver and make turns before a variety of waves of all sizes. Another of the tutorials goes to that moment in which we are above the table and we have to push hard with our legs and arms to take the right speed to propel us and thus climb to the whole body table. In True Surf you will have to play at the right moment in a bar so that the surfer climbs and starts surfing.

‘The big Wednesday” on your mobile with True Surf

The power to contemplate how those waves form, of different sizes and heights, is an experience that is perfectly in a mobile that throws enough thanks to its hardware. From that vision, we can press at any point of the panorama so that our surfer falls in that same location, as if we were the same as we see how waves of different sizes are formed and “smell” which we have to take to enjoy.

Beaches of the world

This will begin our journey in True Surf to start using a stick that is not seen, but that gives a good account of the movements of our surfer. We must know how to choose the trajectory well, since the easiest thing is that the initial thrust is lost and we see our surfer surfing a wave that is about to disappear, or even see you spinning nonstop After the wave broke in us.

To surf

True Surf has a progress in levels that will increase as we go surfing more and more meters and be able to pass through those tunnels that will score much more. It is the goal of the best surfers in the world, to enter that tunnel so that one of the hands touches the wall of water that forms. It is the "magical" moment of True Surf and that of fear has led to a game.

Buy improved tables and explore endless beaches around the world

If we have already stayed overwhelmed with the great wave physicsAnother point is the great variety of beaches with their different waves and those faint colors that almost invite us to spend the whole afternoon surfing in True Surf. There is also a lack of those tables that we will be able to acquire, and that will logically allow us to face those waves that can be seen in locations such as in Waimea, Hawaii.