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Transform your home into a smart space with Xfinity

Xfinity is more than a simple internet service. Nowadays, it not only offers you Wi-Fi, television channel packages and even a free telephone line, but also the possibility of having a completely intelligent home, just by using its services and devices.

Without a doubt, the idea of ??having a smart and fully connected home sounds wonderful, but is it as perfect as Xfinity says? To verify it, we recently decided to visit an event that takes place in Wilsonville, Oregon, called Street of dreams and where it shows live and direct how a smart home works only with Xfinity technology.

street of dreams xfinity smart home house 1

As his name says, Street of dreams It is an event that takes place in a street that looks like a dream and not precisely because it looks black and white or blurred. In this street, you can see six model houses, which really look like mansions, with modern facades, large gardens and even a car in the front that matches the color of the infrastructure. But that is not all. The most interesting thing about these houses (technologically speaking) is that they have an Xfinity smart home system so you can check their quality and convince yourself how important it is to have it in your home.

In our visit to this event, and in order to verify the effectiveness of the Xfinity smart home, we decided to enter the home number 3 called Medow, since it is this house where you can find the most complete Xfinity system.

In the first room on the ground floor of this house, which has been designated as the study, is the first element of the smart home: an Xfinity screen, which is linked to three security cameras that are arranged around the house , to monitor what happens in those places of the home while you work.

Although we only saw three cameras connected to this monitor, one of Xfinity's marketing members, Chris Friz, assured us that up to six cameras can be connected to the system.

street of dreams xfinity smart home house router 7

Then, as we walked to the living room of this house, we could watch a large TV that was compatible with the smart home technology of Xfinity and Alexa.

Xfinity works in partnership with Alexa to ensure that its devices can become not only that pleasure, but also can help you with daily and sometimes a little cumbersome household chores, without having to move from the sofa. Like, for example, asking Alexa to turn the TV off or on, turn the volume up or down and even change the channel.

This group of Xfinity smart devices also joined another special screen but not security, but a screen with which you can control all televisions and smart home lights, regardless of whether they are on the first or second floor.

street of dreams xfinity smart home house patio 1

Without a doubt, this home is a great demonstration of the growth of Xfinity smart home technology. In order to enjoy all these devices in an effective way, Friz assures us that he recommends to his possible users that they use the fastest internet plan that they offer for natural persons, since, with this, he promises that all the devices can be connected including televisions, cameras and even phones without problems.

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