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How to make your Fire tablet more similar to a conventional Android tablet (without root)

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February 6, 2018

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If we are looking cheap tablets those of Amazon They are always an option to keep in mind, but if in regards to the hardware they comply perfectly considering their price, there are many to whom their software does pull them back a lot. There are some tricks, however, with which we can make the experience of using a Fire tablet Be more similar to a conventional Android tablet.

Install Google Play

The first two recommendations that we are going to make, take some more work (not too much) but it is very worth taking the trouble, because they are going to give us a lot of play and are key to improving the user experience. The first one is to install the app store of Google, to be able to access all those available there and not be limited to those offered Amazon. All we have to do, really, is install some APK. You have the links and a more detailed description of the procedure in our guide to install Google Play on a Fire tablet.

Install Nova or other launcher

Once we have Google Play, one of the things that we will be able to do is download a launcher, a key element to make the user experience more similar to that of a normal Android tablet, since they will allow us to customize our desktop to the fullest. We also have a guide to install Nova and other launchers on a Fire tablet, in which we explain the procedure step by step, although again, it is basically to install another APK. We recommend you Not going, because it is one of our favorites, of which the most configuration options will give us and because, in addition, it is proven that it worked perfectly with this system, but you can try with anyone you like.

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Control notifications

Introduce some control in the notifications that we receive is always important on any device, but even more so on Fire tablets, due to the amount of recommendations and suggestions that Amazon makes. This part does not have much difficulty because it is something that changes practically nothing with Fire OS: we can go to the section ?sounds and notifications" in "setting"And go choosing app by app or directly when we skip one that bothers us, we press and hold, we touch on the" I "icon and choose directly block all of that app in the future.

Disable Amazon features that don't interest you

Notifications are especially annoying, but if we want to decongest our Fire tablet a bit, we may also be interested in disabling a few of the features added by Amazon, for which we have to go back to the "configuration" menu, go now to "applications and games?And enter the section dedicated to Amazon app settings. If you choose not to install a new launcher, you are especially interested in reviewing the options on the home screen, and probably disabling recommendations, showing all purchases, etc.