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This is the Samsung Galaxy S10e, the rival of the iPhone XR

Of the three phones that Samsung will present on the 20th of this month there is one that we had not known much until now, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. The latest leaks indicate that the name of this model will be Samsung Galaxy S10e, and today we have been able to see for the first time the renders or press images of this terminal, confirming several of its features.

Three cameras, two of them behind

One of the main differences of this model with respect to the other two is that will have only two cameras behind, although we don't know if one will be a telephoto, a wide angle or a depth sensor. In that area we also see the flash and other elements of the camera.

In front we see a screen with very contained frames although with a lower one somewhat larger than the other three. In the upper right corner is the only front camera, positioned in a hole as we already knew.

And another aspect that stands out is that its screen is not curved on the sides, but flat.

Two important gaps

If you look at the lower area you will see the cut of the audio jack and it seems that the three models of S10 will maintain this connector. Also seen in this particular model is a cut in the right area (if we look straight ahead).

Everything indicates that it is the power button that includes the fingerprint sensor Although the two images on the side are the opposite, where there are three of the four buttons, surely both volume and Bixby, as is common in Samsung.

Various colors and adjusted price

Although we already knew, this model will be the cheapest of the three that are advertised, costing 749 euros in the Netherlands and surely the same, or a similar figure, in countries like Spain.

It will be available in four colors: yellow, blue, black, green and white.

A high end that won't be like his older brothers

The specifications we know of this model speak of 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory and a 5.8 inch screen, with FHD + resolution surely. The battery will be scarce, of 3100 mAh, one of the biggest differences (in addition to the cameras) with the S10 and S10 Plus.

We will see how the market responds to a terminal that although it shares its name with what will be the best Samsung phones, does not have many of its specifications. In exchange for a lower price, of course.