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This is my perfect backpack: everything I carry

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It was in 2007 when I made one of the most risky and satisfactory decisions of my life: I left the security of the payroll to work on my own, a jump to the void without a net but I have never regretted it. Leave the heat of the office and the record of a schedule carry with it an important derivative: unless you can afford it, you have to work from home, a change not always easy and which you more or less end up getting used to. However, working on your own you become an opportunist always on the lookout for producing and billing, and therefore it is highly recommended to carry the backpack in tow. Yes, the backpack is the Holy Grail of the autonomous who works under a tree and after more than a decade of experience, I can confirm that I have finally found the perfect solution.

Do not hesitate: invest in a good backpack

How much are you willing to pay for a phone? Today nobody is surprised to pay more than a thousand euros for something that, without a doubt, offers a great service, but … How much will you pay for a good backpack? Go ahead that I have taken, perhaps, too long to assume that compensates to invest in something that will give us great service over time. And there is no doubt that a good backpack compensates.

In my case, I started with simple backpacks, without ever paying more than 50 or 60 euros, although that is, worrying that they had enough compartments to carry everything that is necessary to have in mobility. My last acquisition was an expandable Samsonite and full of compartments that gave me excellent service until it took me two serious inconveniences: it was not waterproof and was just a little load, especially when I took it on short trips. I was clear: the next backpack should be larger and waterproof.

And almost without actively seeking an alternative, I found a video of the great Marques Brownlee, in which he showed what he was carrying in his backpack, a Peak Design that showed a sensational appearance, but its price was also sensational: 265 euros. He almost gave me a fit of laughter: more than 200 euros for a backpack? However, the seed had already sprouted within me; that backpack gathered everything I was looking for, and in fact, it went even further. Given that I spend a good part of the week working remotely in coffee makers, did it not compensate to invest in a product that exactly suits my needs?

And it was Amazon who decided to decide: one click to order the Peak Design Everyday Pack I made the honest promise to return it in a week if I saw that it did not compensate for such a disbursement. The next day the messenger was at home and the crush was confirmed: the only thing I miss is not having bought it before. This backpack has a double opening system on the sides that make access simple and immediate without removing it; It is water resistant and has a capacity of 30 liters, being also configurable inside on demand.

What is never missing in my backpack

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After many years of experience and after going through complicated situations (from downpours, to running out of batteries), I have finally found a list of essential items that are not missing in my backpack:

Computer and tablet

I never leave without the 12.9-inch iPad Pro together with a backlit Logitech Slim Folio keyboard, my fundamental work tool; additionally, but not always, I sometimes use the MacBook Pro. The Peak Design is large enough to accommodate both computers without problems.

Device charging

I am always accompanied by two battery packs: one of 10,000 mAh with USB-C support with which I can charge both iPhone, iPad and MacBook, and a travel battery for the Apple Watch. Along with all this, I carry a multiple connector with which I can combine all the ports (USB or USB-C to Lightning, USB-C etc.).

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Someone who lives in the Cantabrian coast knows that time can change radically in a matter of minutes, and that is why I always carry a folding umbrella, waterproof pants and a waterproof jacket in my backpack, this last since I move Usually by bike around the city.

Other essentials