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This could be Huawei's flexible mobile according to its official announcement

It is clear that 2019 will be remembered as the year of flexible mobiles. It will not be the moment when they become massive but when the terminals that will be remembered for starting a new trend will be presented. It will last or be temporary, we do not know that now, but it is clear that at least in 2019 we will see several models.

To the ideas of Samsung and Xiaomi has been added in the last hours Huawei, which has confirmed that on February 24, just before the MWC, will announce its first flexible mobile.

Based on that image, Lets Go Digital has created a conceptual design of how the device could be.

An external display

The most striking thing about the phone is that it would bend leaving the screen outside, as with the Royole or the Xiaomi prototype. Samsung showed us his idea and it folded with the screen inside, needing a second screen on the outside.

A somewhat large hinge

If we look at the image published by Huawei we see how the hinge that allows the terminal to close is quite noticeable and that it does not seem to be folded completely as in the conceptual design.

This can be one of the main problems since if it does not fold completely the chances of it breaking in a pocket are too high.

In the design we also see space for a charging port and it is that by the way of the device itself it does not seem likely that it will implement wireless charging, although technically it could have it through the screen.

For now we do not know if it will be a prototype or if Huawei will put it on sale even in certain markets. Yes, it is expected to have 5G connectivity with the new modem of the Chinese company that we talked about a few days ago.