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The ZenKey app ends passwords securely

The ZenKey app ends passwords securely

zenkey app password

What are we going to tell you at this point that you no longer know about the nuisance of managing passwords; if they are very simple, they are unsafe and it is easy for your account to be attacked, but on the contrary, if they are very complex, it is frankly difficult to remember them.

In this sense, a new initiative carried out by the main mobile phone operators in the United States promises to end this tyrant and does so using precisely the same phone you always carry in your pocket. We refer to ZenKey, a new platform that uses, as we have pointed out, your own smartphone and its biometric security systems as the only way to identify yourself in multiple services.

How does it work?

What exactly is ZenKey? It is a system that uses multiple security factors in your phone to identify the user, that is, instead of entering a simple pin or password, the service will require that you also check the credentials with additional elements, such as the IP address, the type of telephone account, and the telephone number itself. In addition, in those phones that support them, biometric identification services can be activated. The initiative has been promoted by Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.

To initially configure this tool, simply download it to your phone, if it is not already present, and identify yourself with your credentials to your operator. Once this is done, you will be able to identify yourself in the different services in which you find the ZenKey button in a comfortable and safe way and without having to remember the passwords. It seems a priori winning idea but is it entirely safe?

When trusting the system fully in the telephone, the main problem it faces is if we lose the device, since all our information can be accessible in the hands of whoever is done with our telephone.

This problem is, of course, solved if we have activated biometric identification services in the terminal. At the moment, ZenKey is only available on Android, although it is expected to reach more platforms in the future.

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