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The Wild West awaits you in the online multiplayer Pocket Cowboys

Pocket Cowboys takes you to the wild west in an online multiplayer in turns in which you have to eliminate the rest of 3 enemy players before they do. A curious title for his way of understanding turn-based combat, since you will all have 15 seconds to decide the action to take.

That is to say, that you can end everyone's life at the same time, if for whatever reason, it happens that you decide to attack before moving to another square of the game board. Pocket Cowboys is a new Android game that comes directly to the freemium and to attract the attention of a good number of players.

The wild west awaits you

Pocket Cowboys is an online multiplayer that takes you to the wild west very much like Clash Royale or Brawl Stars. This means that you will meet with the multitude of letters collection to unlock new characters that help you get out of those multiplayer games.

Pocket cowboys

The big difference to other multiplayer is in the choice of the action to take. This must be chosen in a period of 15 seconds and the 4 players of the game will take it at the same time. That is, when finish those 15 seconds, all will give way to attack the opposite, reload their weapon or move to another square of the game table.

So you should raise your strategy quickly to So decide if you attack the player you have nearby or stay in your position. In this way, curious and interesting moments are generated, although it can happen that nobody moves because they are in a square of the enemy, so a false movement will mean that the one who does not move and shoot can fulminate you.

A curious multiplayer called Pocket Cowboys

Or same as all you decide to move and nothing happens, or that you attack at the same time without anything happening either. Foxglove Studios poses a different way of approaching an online multiplayer game in which we will enter to play against 3 other players.

Pocket Cowboys Android

We will have the possibility of choose 3 characters to be our band, so when they finish with one, we can select one of the remaining two. So that finally the winner of the game is the one who has achieved the most deaths.

In case the flies, and if we are a little coward, I mean everyone who plays, sometimes snakes will be generated that will make things difficult for us and force us to move. The important thing is to try to get new characters that will have better skills and equipment, so do not take the time to throw a few games and start unlocking those chests that give you equipment.

Well defined

Your way of understanding a multiplayer in turn may be a bit weird and every time we do an action, let's get lucky, but to tell the truth, at least you try something new. A genre quite crushed and that Pocket Cowboys is a little fresh air. Now it only remains to fit, be played by thousands to be online multiplayer and keep updating.


Technically it is a game that is pretty good and in which certain details have been spoiled visually. Well-designed, well-animated and colorful characters that encourage you to discover the rest if we have the patience to continue playing this title called Pocket Cowbowys. It is also appreciated that the environments of the games are changing and thus be of more variety; otherwise it would be quite monotonous.